Outdoor recreation

Nature reserve Delftsehout

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Nature reserve the Delftsehout consists of arboraceous areas and a large pond, where despite its recreational use, many water birds live. When wandering, you will enjoy this beautiful natural reserve (approx. 425 ha.) as it is also surrounded by meadows and polders. The Delftsehout lends itself well for outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, cycling and hiking. In the reserve you will also find a herb garden, botanical garden, arboretum, petting zoo with deer and a water playground. The Delftsehout nature reserve is located on the east side of Delft and walking there takes you about 20 minutes from the hotel.

D. Petting zoo and water playground Delftsehout

The petting zoo is not just an attraction for children. The zoo/farm cares for a variety of animals such as chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs, goats, cows, and sheep. Each spring (March – June) newborn animals can be admired and petted. Adjacent to the zoo there is a children playground with water and sand as well as climbing equipment.

C. Arboretum – Heempark

Across the petting zoo is a herb garden together with the arboretum, a botanical garden with a wide collection of trees, bushes and shrubs from around the world. There is also a water pond with aquatic and shore plants. Expert excursions guidance is offered.

B. Nature and environment centre “De Papaver”

You will find De Papaver near the herb garden and Heempark. De Papaver is an information centre about Nature and Environmental Education of the municipality of Delft. The centre has seasonal changing exhibitions related to the field of nature and environment and also organizes courses and lectures.

E. Boat rental “Knus”


Aquatic and squash centre Delft

Visit the website of aquatic and squash centre Delft
14 minutes walk

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Sportfondsenbad Delft

Visit the website of Sportfondsenbad Delft
Route: 17 minutes walk

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Walking and cycling

fietsen Mideen-DelflandWith Delft as a starting point, there are several cycling and walking tours that take you along beautiful polder landscapes and idyllic villages. The ANWB has a mapped cycle route for the surrounding Westland and Delfland, which is easy to follow as you wlll find special signage along the route. Routes are also available for the area between the Delftsehout and Zoetermeer, the Westland and Midden Delfland. Our helpful staff are happy to assist you. In addition, there are numerous other routes available at the Tourist Information Point.

Bicycle maps and bicycle rental information in Delft.

Time for yourself

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