Gouda Cheese Museum

gouda-cheese-museumGouda is a cozy traditional Dutch town with great shops, restaurants and cultural heritage. Gouda has a fairytale town hall, beautiful canals and more than 300 monuments.

Gouda Cheese Museum

A visit to the Gouda cheese market is not complete without getting to know the typical Gouda crafts. In De Gouda Waag, located opposite the town hall, is the Gouda Cheese Museum.

Experience the history of the Waag (weigh/scale) and learn everything about Gouda cheese making with an expert guide. During the cheese and craft market cheese is made in The Gouda Waag.

Enjoy the authentic Gouda crafts, such as tobacco pipe making, pottery painting and Gouda candle making or candle coloring. Demonstrations are given regularly.

From Hotel Leeuwenbrug to the Gouda Cheese Museum

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Markt 35, Gouda