Westerpop Delft

The Westerpop festival is a free public event organized in Delft. The origin of this festival took place in 1989, when the Delft suburb Westerkwartier celebrated its 100th anniversary.

In recent years Westerpop become a professional pop festival with a fantastic vibe. A beautifully illuminated stage with the logo of the festival on the wings including a real catwalk. In the revellers area much attention is paid to decoration. The festival market is varied, with a wide range of articles from around the world. Street theater performances have become more flamboyant. Many colorful creatures will excite the minds of visitors in the coming years. Many a local, regional, national or international bands are keen on to play at Westerpop. Visitors come from far and wide to the extremely friendly festival located behind Delft CS at the edge of the historic center of Delft.
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Route: 21 minutes walk